We are obsessed with helping you keep your rockstars

Turnover kills. When your top salespeople walk out the door to a competitor, they don’t just take their own revenue with them – they take years of cultivated relationships, insider knowledge about your pricing and processes, and hard-won expertise. Replacing them means starting from scratch to build that value back up.

Retention starts long before an employee gets to the point of considering other options. You need to hire people who are an obvious culture fit from day one. Look for hustlers who will embrace your mission.  Provide ongoing coaching and training to keep complacency at bay.  Foster healthy competition and community among the team.

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Paul Argueta How to retain your best salespeople top sales trainer

Your organization has to invest in the continued growth of your salesforce. It’s easy for rockstars to get complacent when they’re crushing numbers. They start to believe their own hype. Dangerous addictions take hold – money, ego, laziness, or worse yet, drugs & alcohol.

That’s why mandatory sales training is crucial, even for your top performers. Use it to install new skills, break bad habits, and reignite competitive fire. Force them out of their comfort zone so they don’t go soft. Shake up territories, introduce new product lines, swap out account lists. Provoke growth.

Paul Argueta understands sales and reducing salesperson turnover

My name is Paul Argueta. Sales and hustle pumps through my veins. I got my real estate license in college and immediately started selling.  I maxed out my credit cards on personal growth because I was obsessed with leveling up. While frat boys were still funnelling beers, I was gorging on self improvement seminars and hosting my own hotel mastermind trainings.

You think you know about adapting? Try surviving market crashes and digital disruption head-on. When the 2008 housing collapse hit, I didn’t flinch. Morphed into a REO foreclosure beast, selling hundreds of distressed properties for banks and hedge funds. Learned how to virtually manage a sales army spread nationwide.

In 2010 I started my own real estatet brokerage.  I’ve been featured in the LA Times and Inc 500 for insane growth. At one point I led over 100 agents and a thriving real estate school.  I know how to build a sales powerhouse even when the odds are stacked against me.

Losing a top performer was and still is devastating to me. It means I failed as a leader and recruiter. If you want to build an unstoppable sales force, you need to be obsessed with finding, developing and keeping world-class talent for the long haul. The competition is always lurking, so you need to be vigilant about making your company the place your A-players never want to leave.

A team doesn’t get motivated from some lame annual retreat with trust falls. It’s a culture. An obsession that lives and breathes 24/7. Egos need to be checked at the door.  The team needs to focus on the collective win.  No room for slackers or cynics.  Either get on board or get left behind.

If you’re ready to transform your sales culture into a high-performance machine, let’s get to work. More sales, less onboarding.