Its Not The Leads Its You Book Banner Available on Amazon Paul Argueta Written For Top Salespeople

Every Sales Manager needs to have their salespeople read “Its Not The Leads Its You.”

The sales game is being disrupted before your very eyes. Artificial intelligence and automation are radically changing buyer behavior, flooding the marketplace with data, and turning old-school selling strategies obsolete seemingly overnight.

Sales veterans and rookies alike face a stark choice – evolve or become extinct. “It’s Not the Leads, It’s You,” lays out the mindsets, skills, and habits required for sales excellence in the modern era with 2 bonus chapters focusing strictly on AI.

Every salesperson faces rejection, obstacles, and self-doubt. But the most successful understand that closing deals is not about the leads – it’s about themselves.

Appropriate for rookies and veterans alike, this book covers prospecting, qualifying, presenting, handling objections, closing, and account management from A to Z. It is written in a no-nonsense approach, providing blunt advice to help you maximize your strengths and overcome weaknesses getting in the way of sales results.

While foundational sales skills never change, the context is continually evolving. Included are two bonus chapters dedicated to the impact and implementation of artificial intelligence and automation on the sales profession. Rather than resisting change, you should be utilizing cutting-edge tools and leveraging new platforms. Self-promotion, personal branding, and social media marketing are more vital than ever for sales success. This book lays out practical steps for you to skillfully adapt to the new landscape.