Its Not The Leads Its You How Top Producing Salespeople Go From Prospecting To Prosperity Book BannerIt’s Not the Leads It’s You: How Top Salespeople Go From Prospecting To Prosperity

After 25 years as a sales professional and training thousands of salespeople in real estate, I wrote the book “It’s Not The Leads It’s You: How Top Producing Salespeople Go From Prospecting to Prosperity” because I was tired of seeing good salespeople fail over and over by bouncing from company to company. Most salespeople think the grass is always greener on the other side, and that if they just switched companies their sales would suddenly take off. The reality is that the grass is greener where you water it – your success comes from developing your skills, dedicating time to improve your craft, and putting in the 10,000 hours of practice it takes to become an expert in sales.

Your company might provide the leads and get the phone to ring, but at the end of the day you are the one responsible for closing deals. I have seen too many talented salespeople fail because they blame the company, the leads, the product, the economy – anyone and anything besides themselves. Success in sales comes from within, not from your external circumstances.

No Celebrity Fluff Advice

I devour sales books and motivational biographies. Love ‘em. But let me fill you in on a little secret: most are just fluff. Glorified stories patting the author on the back about how they overcame adversity to find success. Nice, but I’d like to read the specific actions of the author to crush it and succeed. Give me a step by step blueprint please.

I’m not interested in warm fuzzies and philosophical platitudes. I want meat and potatoes training that gives hard-working sales warriors like you and me the battle-tested weapons to obliterate our numbers. I don’t have time to sift through feel-good memoirs to hopefully find a nugget or two of real-world tactics. I want someone to SHOW me the specifics—A to Z—of exactly how they set records and make it rain in the sales game.

That’s why I wrote this manual for the ambitious hustlers who relentlessly want to improve their sales skills and dominate their marketplace. No theories. No clever analogies. Straight talk with clear instructions on WHAT activities directly convert to sales success and money in your pocket. No lengthy biography, and more importantly the “About The Author” is at the back of the book, not the first few pages.

This ain’t beginner stuff either. To thrive in the big leagues, you gotta get off the kiddy slopes. I give you the hardcore advanced Dos and Don’ts utilized by the top 1% to lock down loyal customers and maximize lifetime value. First, we master core competencies like time management, next-level prospecting, human persuasion, and needle-moving presentations. Then I reveal how the greats structure pipeline, farm hyper-profitable accounts, build teams, and develop the OBSESSION required to drive massive revenue gains year after year.

Are you a sales leader or manager?

You hold the keys to creating savage revenue monsters across your entire company. This book delivers the gasoline I use to explode production and break revenue records with my clients worldwide. These concepts form the very foundation of sales excellence that separates the hustlers from the pretenders. Want your team to start closing 50, 100, or 500% more deals? Then forcefeed them the mindsets and disciplines outlined here daily. Hammer them with the type of addictive training top athletes and warriors use to shatter limitations and generate life-changing wealth.

The amateurs and rookies will complain it’s too hardcore. Good, weed them out quick. I only work with fanatics willing to obsess over sales skills and personal development. No room for whiners on a championship team. As the field general, it’s your job to drill these concepts into your soldiers. Start a book club on “It’s Not the Leads, It’s You” and make it mandatory reading for anybody who wants to start racking up commissions and carving their initials into the production leaderboard. Review the strategies together, do group role playing, memorize dialogues, and assign practice outside of office hours.

Then watch your crew rapidly transform into telemarketing assassins who fearlessly initiate conversations, advance sales, and annihilate objections while closing orders with military precision. These truths separate contenders from pretenders by creating top-tier talent through endless training, repetition, and a maniacal fixation on mastering the craft of selling. That’s how champions are built across every competitive arena on Earth. The sales arena is no different.

The future success of your sales warriors comes down to a simple choice – either half-ass it or obsess over excellence. There is no third option. Get your team this book and let’s start rapidly multiplying revenue.

Time to separate the players from the pretenders. You claim you wanna be a beast? Cool, now put in the work and reap the rewards. No more excuses from wannabes and posers. I’m serving the red meat to transform your income, buying power and lifestyle to levels reserved for the obsessed. Just follow the instructions in my playbook. But I’ll warn you now—they require fanatical discipline and commitment to achieve stack mountains of cash most sales stiffs only dream of.

You want the glory?

Follow me and I’ll lead you to sales Valhalla.